Level A – Very Young Beginner Pre-release Edition Now Available

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slls A cover 228x300 Level A   Very Young Beginner Pre release Edition Now AvailableThe New Little Singers Level A for preschoolers and early elementary kids is now available in pre-release edition! I wouldn’t load up since we will be making final revisions before the official release in January, but feel free to use it on any students you have between now and then. Order it now on our Lulu Storefront.

Sign up to help us test it out and I’ll pay you back for your copy, and buy you the first edition when it comes out in January.

About Gregory Blankenbehler

With over 25 years of experience training, performing and teaching music, Gregory Blankenbehler has performed in Italy, England and France and completed a Masters of Music in Vocal Performance. From his focused studies into comparative vocal pedagogy and private teaching experience, he has become an expert on teaching effective vocal technique to singers of all ages and specializes in rehabilitating "troubled" voices and helping them to reach their full potential. Gregory maintains a large studio of voice and piano students in the Sacramento, California area where he also performs regularly and teaches community music classes for adults and children.